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At HandymanPro , we are Certified Energy Efficiency Specialists (EES)

Combat Energy Costs Increasing the levels of insulation in your attic has several benefits. Your home will be more comfortable year round and savings on energy costs could be as high as 30%. Example: If you have a heating bill of $200 per month, 30% savings means reducing your bill by $60 down to $140. You will put $60 in your pocket each month as long as you live in your home. As energy costs increase, so do your savings. You get to enjoy a warmer home in the winter and a cooler, more comfortable one in the summer.

Receive a 30% tax credit whenHandymanPro brings your home up to the U.S. Department of Energy standards. That means you’ll receive 30% off our insulation services.
At HandymanPro, we are highly trained installers who can help you reduce your utility bill and make your home feel more comfortable.
Common Insulation Problems The most common problem with attic insulation is found in homes that were constructed prior to 1980. The majority of these homes are under insulated.


When we inspect your attic insulation we will take a picture like this one and bring it back down for you to look at. We want you to feel safe and secure knowing that you are not being sold something you do not need. R- Value Insulation is measured by its thermal resistance or R-Value. “R” means the resistance to the flow of heat. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that an attic in the Northwest Arkansas area be insulated to an R-Value of 38. We permanently secure measuring sticks in the attic to ensure the desired amounts of insulation are installed. 14.5 inches of loosefill insulation will achieve R-38.

When we are done blowing insulation into your attic, we will use our video equipment to show you proof of our work. Again, we want you to see with your own eyes that the job was done properly.



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